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The Future of Powell Hall

We’re enhancing the audience experience.

This much-needed renovation—the first since 1968—will preserve and enhance what you love about Powell Hall, including its architectural splendor, beautiful foyer, and world-class acoustics. You'll experience a more welcoming and comfortable environment in which to enjoy music—and better access to restrooms, concessions, elevators, and other amenities. Renovation highlights include:

  • New, more comfortable seating with more leg room (capacity will be reduced from 2,683 to 2,150 seats)
  • Improved accessibility through additional ADA-compliant entrances, flexible seating, handrails, and a softer auditorium slope
  • More than double the number of restrooms fixtures (150), concession areas (seven), and elevators (five)
  • New and improved amenties, including a café and terrace, catering kitchen, retail areas, and patron lounge
  • Viewing space for late attendees, families with young children, and patrons with sensory sensitivities
  • Enhanced listening experience in orchestra-level seating through soundproofing measures
  • Updated and efficient systems throughout, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and state-of-the-art lighting